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New Year’s Resolutions

I used to believe in these to the point of making a long list.  I used to try to use the freshness of the new year to change my life in enormous ways.  

 There are still a few things I would like to do differently, some goals I would like to add to my list, but I realized a few years ago that I really, truly am pedaling as fast as I can.  I can honestly say that, on a daily basis, though I  make mistakes, end up neglecting some tasks, don’t do everything as well or as completely as they deserve to be done, I am doing the best I can, doing all that I have the energy and sanity to do.   

Therefore my resolution has been to acknowledge this fact, give myself credit, and keep on trucking.  Continue the quest to improve, the impossible goal of perfection, but be nice to myself about it.  Never settle into complacency, never cease to include constructive criticism in my self-analysis, but take the positive observations just as seriously.      

May I finally succeed. 

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