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Life is just business…

Troy Williamson missed a game last week to take care of his grandmother’s funeral, not just a distant relative but someone who helped raise him. The Vikings were fine with his leaving, but docked his pay for that week ($25,000, according to ESPN this morning).

Another piece of the puzzle that is professional sports. “They make too much money.” “They should be perfect role models.” “They miss births, deaths, weddings.” When they sign their contracts, do they sign away normal personhood? In exchange for fabulous wealth and celebrity, do they give up any rights to maintain connection with the real world? Is approval of this system a form of revenge, exacted in bitter jealousy that they get to do what we have only dreamed of?

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Suicidal Convenience

Is there a point where our lives are convenient enough and we can start focussing on things that matter?

CNN reports this morning that a new, faster, easier way to pay is on the horizon. No more cash or credit cards. Those things take multiple seconds to manipulate during a transaction! Soon you can scan your fingerprint into the system, connect the data to your bank account, and voila! Simply touch a screen and deductions will be made for whatever you purchase.

Am I paranoid or is this a really lousy idea? Instead of having your wallet or purse stolen they’ll chop off your finger. Or your hand, you know, whatever is more convenient at the moment.

After all, convenience is priority number one.


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