Civil War Reenactment


Quite timely, considering that Livi and I have been studying Lincoln in the past couple of weeks.



A pretty good event, especially the mock battle and the cannons firing!



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3 responses to “Civil War Reenactment

  1. Joy

    I think this would be downright fun and very interesting to see. I’ve “heard” though that some of the people who are involved in this, kind of think it’s really back then. Kind of “don’t have a grip” on things. Do you know if that’s true? They get so involved with it they carry it with them all the time. I also know how “true” the “things we hear” are so I’m not sure. We don’t have anything like this where I live. I think I may be a “Yankee!” Though I’m not sure what that means. *gasp*

  2. Joy – you’re funny! However you might be regionally classified, I still love you! 🙂

    I’ll bet that there are people who use it too much as an escape from their real lives, similar to the people who get too far into the Renaissance Faire reenactments.

    One of the men who did a presentation at this reenactment was saying that it DID make him feel a lot closer to his ancestors in this area, and that he felt like he was honoring their memory and keeping history alive for all of us who were just coming for some entertainment. I thought that was pretty cool, that someone would have such a meaningful connection to it like that. But perhaps he wouldn’t have admitted in front of so many people if it was actually an obsessive addiction! 😀

    If anyone else reading this post has any further information or perspective to share on the subject of reenactments and the potential for escapism, Joy and I would love to hear about it!

  3. Joy

    Yes, I would love to hear about it. I hadn’t given any thought to them feeling closer to their ancestors. That changes my opinion. That must be an excellent feeling.

    Those Renaissance Festivals drive me NUTS! I’m sorry, those people are weirder than weird. I hate when strange people come touch me or put things in my hair. Those people really do act like that’s real life. Without all the “touchy feely” people, it may be fun to walk around one and check things out but I went to one once and left right after some strange looking “bag man” came and tried grabbing my purse! That kind of “pretend” stuff is just not me. Talk about opening the door for real “pick pockets.” Nobody knows if it’s pretend or real.

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