Top Five: Musical Artists

Pretend that you were on your way to be stranded on a desert island forever and you could only take the complete works of five bands or musical artists.  Which would you bring?


For me:

1. Aerosmith

2. The Presidents of the United States of America

3. Bob Marley

4. Gypsy Kings

5. Edith Piaf


It’s funny, I thought of a couple of my favorite bands of all time, like the Beatles and Creedence Clearwater Revival, then I realized that I’ve heard their songs so many times I can just close my eyes and ears and replay them perfectly in my mind… so why bother bringing them!


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12 responses to “Top Five: Musical Artists

  1. Joy

    I just can’t leave the Beatles behind. For me, it would just be wrong.


    Carly Simon

    Barry Manilow

    J. S. Bach

    Man, I just may be back to break the rules again Elena. For me, 5 is NOT enough.

  2. I’m horrible at selecting music. I can’t even begin to choose.

  3. 1. Duran Duran
    2. Bruce Springsteen
    3. Beatles
    4. Boomtown Rats
    5. Rolling Stones

  4. Joy, I’m with you, it felt awful having to limit myself to just 5… so much music I would miss.

    Just a Mom, I love Boomtown Rats!

  5. I don’t think I have met anyone else on this planet who 1) likes them or 2) will admit to other people that they like them!
    Elephant’s Graveyard and Banana Republic are my 2 favorite songs!

  6. Hmmmm…
    Aerosmith for sure
    No Gwen
    Black Eyed Peas
    Lady Antebellum
    The Beastie Boys
    Those are all sure to keep me entertained!!

  7. Joy

    Barbra Steisand

    Bette Midler

    Bee Gee’s

    Billy Joel

    Elton John

    I’m going to pretend I didn’t already answer 😉

  8. Joy- you’re so silly, I love it!!!

    Thank you all for answering, and NIKKI! You came to visit me here, I’m so pleased! (It is also fun to realize that we have similar taste in music…)

  9. Joy

    I’m just such a risk taker and huge Rebel!! LOL!!!

  10. 1. Alexandre Desplat
    2. John Williams
    3. Duffy
    4. The Beatles
    5. Gypsy Kings

    Though I would actually be super sad to leave all my favorite songs behind. You know, that one song from that one artist that inspired you, but you don’t really like anything else by said artist for some unexplainable reason. Because I have a lot of that kind of music.

  11. I know what you mean, D, maybe we could bend the rules and allow a trade in of one artist’s/band’s entire body of work for one mixed CD?! 🙂

  12. stacybuckeye

    I looked at this yesterday, but because I am not musically oriented (I even listen to books on cd in the car!) so I had a hard time. But, I think this might be what I’d take.

    Bee Gees
    Elton John
    Sarah McLaughlin
    Aida Broadway soundtrack-original cast

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