Top Five: Worst Fears

Since we’ve gotten a jolt of positive energy off the New Year, maybe it’s time to look at the dark side for a moment.
My top five worst fears:
  1. My kids being in pain.
  2. Me being in pain.
  3. Having my dearest possessions stolen… I only have a couple really dear things, such as my laptop, but if it were to be gone… 😦  
  4. Having people see me as useless, worthless, annoying, self-deluded, in general not worth the space I take up on the planet
  5. Suffocating to death (in the literal sense)
If you feel up to talking about it, what makes you shake in your boots?


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8 responses to “Top Five: Worst Fears

  1. Hmmm. These thoughts make me quake:

    1. Something bad happening to our kids.
    2. Something bad happening to my husband.
    3. The house burning down.
    4. Going to Hell
    5. Feeling unable to breathe. (Drowning / Asthma attack / Being trapped in a henhouse with all the evil chickens sucking the air from the room)

  2. Joy

    1. I think we all agree with the safety and health of my children and grandchildren.
    2. Fire
    3. Tornado’s
    4. For whatever reason, not being able to read.
    5. I also have the not being able to breath thing. Drowning or suffocating. That thought freaks me out.

  3. 1. The loss of my children or husband
    2. My children getting sucked into the world of drugs.
    3. The not being able to breathe thing mentioned above.
    4. The two ex’s we deal with actually getting away with all of their lies.
    5. Earthquakes.

  4. 1. Nothingness after death.
    2. That I’ll die before I get to do everything I want to do.
    3. Really large things appearing unexpectedly, physically large I mean. It usually manifests itself with whales. I would be terrified if I walked around a beach corner and there was a dead whale lying there, same with a giant airplane. Big things coming out of nowhere.

    Actually… that’s all I’ve got. I like to breathe too though, since that seems to be a theme. I’m a naturally nervous person so everything pretty much terrifies me equally, except for the above. If I think of two more outstandingly horrifying things I’ll let you know.

  5. stacybuckeye

    1. Losing my husband
    2. (from flygirld) That I’ll die before I get to do everything I want to do.
    3. (from Joy) Not being able to read for whatever reason.
    4. I really do have a terrible fear of flying. I always feel bad for whoever is sitting next to me – I’m a mess!
    5. I suppose I have your #4 fear too, but a lot less that I used to. I guess my fear would be if my husband or parents saw me that way. Everyone else can get over it!

  6. Okay, I officially feel like crap for not including my husband in mine anywhere, but when I stop to think of it, he is such a big tough guy (as well as a sweet softie) who is such a can-do, no-fear kind of an individual that it never occurs to me to be afraid for him. And while it would suck worse than I can ever dare to think to lose him to death or divorce, I don’t actually fear it in the same paranoid irrational way that I reserve for so many other things in my life…

    Anyway, I just thought I would add that huge disclaimer since it seems to the untrained eye like I don’t care a whit for him! 🙂 Not true!

    Thank you all for sharing! I am really enjoying the “Top Five” game.

  7. I agree that I do not want to see my kids, husband or myself in pain.
    So here are my top 5 fears:
    1. That I screw up my kids lives.
    2. Bridges, I have always had fear of them.
    3. That I die before I get to have grandkids.
    4. I never find my true purpose in life.
    5. The tv show ALF returns.

  8. “The tv show ALF returns.”

    *snort!* 😀

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