Top Five: Dreams for 2009

These are kinda like resolutions, but they can be anything, even things that you’re not sure have a chance of happening this year.  Let’s dream BIG!!!

For me and my family:

  1. Move to a bigger, nicer house (I’m not being greedy… there are 6 of us squished into this tiny moldy dwelling, which I’m certainly grateful for but wouldn’t cry if we could have enough room to breathe) … maybe even buy a house.  (You see how crazy I’m getting?)
  2. Visit my family in California and Oregon, or have them come visit  me (haven’t seen anyone in my family since we left the West Coast in March of 2007)
  3. Finish my translation project
  4. (…Okay, since we’re dreaming big…) Sell my translation project
  5. Find a way to make some money with the languages I went to college to master and still owe money for… I realize that I would have a better chance at making this work if I had some concrete plans, but I am sick of the same old plans that didn’t work last year… tutoring, classes, interpreting… I guess my dream is that I will have the inspiration and drive to make it happen.

What are your dreams for 2009?


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11 responses to “Top Five: Dreams for 2009

  1. 1. Get checked out in the 172 and not make a complete fool of myself while trying to remember how to fly something I haven’t flown in 3 years.

    2. Finish my book.

    3. Find an amazing place to live while I finish my book.

    4. Make a lot of money.

    5. Eat a lot of Chinese food.

  2. Hey D, are you writing a book?

  3. Honestly, I’m still licking my wounds from 2008. You’re right, though. It is time to look forward.

  4. stacybuckeye

    1.Finish book & send it out
    2.Spend more time with family (they are all at least 2 1/2 hours away – not nearly as far away as your!)
    3.Get healthy – eating & exercising
    4.Make some friends (3 of my best friends here moved away in 2008 😦 )
    5.Volunteer more

  5. Stacy – are you writing a book too?

  6. stacybuckeye

    Yes. A few years ago I wrote a shortish romance just to prove to myself I could. With that under my belt I have undertaken a mystery. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

  7. Stacy- yes, by all means let me know how it’s going! That’s so exciting! Over the years I’ve written the first 50 pages of three different novels… but I never pushed my way through to the end. Just quit when the going got rough. I admire you so much for seeing it through!

  8. Yes, I have two going actually because I’ve found that I don’t have one single style of writing so I have a hard time writing only one story at a time because I sometimes really want to write but can’t put myself into the mood to write in that style. With two I get a choice. It’s slow going, but I’ll get there!

  9. D- Wow, you rock! Best of luck on both!

    (I am so psyched to know two more writers… woo hoo!)

  10. What is your big translation project? Or is it top secret? Or is it in some other blog post here that I haven’t read?

    Best wishes in seeing each of your dreams come true!

  11. Thanks for your kind wishes Angela, I am translating a French novel. I did blog about it previously, but mostly I just plug away at it, slowly but surely… 🙂

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