Further lessons in humility…

Heaven knows I’m sure I need them.

We found lice eggs on my baby son’s head, so it was time for the buzz.  He’s 20 months old and had just grown in the sweetest curls.  But he’s too squirmy to have to search through his head all the time, and I hate the thought of putting poison on his baby head, so we just buzzed him.  It made me sad.

Even sadder, I keep finding eggs and bugs in my littlest daughter’s hair, and she has never had her hair cut (only bang trims) in all her 6-1/2 years.  Her lovely brown ringlets went all the way down to the small of her back.  But enough is enough.  Luckily she and her Dad just finished the Matilda book and movie, so she is thrilled to have a cute bob just like the lead character’s.  And it does look sweet.  But me and my sentimentality, I had to shed a tear first before chopping it off.  

I feel totally drained.  Every morning this week has been spent/wasted dealing with bugs.  I poisoned all our heads Monday, but today I still found bugs in my little girl’s hair.  Back to the store, more poison, more expensive stronger brand.  Damned if there weren’t still LIVE BUGS in her hair an hour after treatment.


I’m going to try the oil treatment tomorrow, see if something more natural won’t do the trick (oil is supposed to suffocate them if you completely saturate your hair and leave it on for a couple hours.  And it’s not poisonous!)

Anyway, enough bitching.  Just in case anyone wondered why I haven’t had anything intelligent or insightful to say in a few days, it is because my critical powers are focussed on searching every strand of hair for bloodsucking parasites, and my eyesight has been encompassing nothing of interest.

Hope to be back in the game soon.


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8 responses to “Further lessons in humility…

  1. stacybuckeye

    It’s terrible that you are still dealing with this 😦 Here’s wishing you a bug free 2009!

  2. Joy

    God Gawd!!! I’m so sorry E. What a drag. I feel so bad for you. Good luck and know I’m sending you only good thoughts. Poor kids. Poor you.

  3. I feel your pain! Lice are the worst!
    My oldest daughter got lice twice in the 2nd grade back to back. We found out it was from her softball team and that is when we got the league to enforce the buy and wear your own batting helmet rule!

  4. Ugh. Those little nasties are a pain. We’ve had them home for supper more than once over the years, too.

    Skip the OTC treatment shampoos. Lice have developed a resistance to them anyway (as you’ve discovered.) Oil works, but it’s drippy. Drippy = unnecessary misery. The best luck we had was with Crisco. (Believe it or not!)

    Get some mechanic’s hand cleaner. The cheap stuff is fine, you just need a grease cutting agent. Slather Crisco on their heads and work it into the scalp. Cover with a plastic grocery bag and let them sleep on it. (Use old pillow cases, they’ll stain.) The Crisco will dry out and get hard. No nasty smell, (mayo works too but goes rancid overnight), and no drippiness.

    In the morning, work the hand cleaner into their hair. At first, their hair will get hard as a rock. DO NOT PANIC. It takes a couple of minutes for the hand cleaner to do its thing. Once it does, the hair will soften. Wash the whole mess out with dish soap. (Cuts grease much better than shampoo.) Rinse well and wash with dish soap once more to get rid of the greasiness.

    Hair will be very soft, eggs and bugs will be smothered and ready to comb out. Voila, no more lice on their heads.

    Clean the environment (don’t forget your car) and you should be good to go. One other tip–extended periods of heat will kill lice, but washing machines do not. (They can shut down their systems in water.) Therefore you can skip washing things that are already clean and simply dry them.

    Good luck. They’re a real pain. But take heart, most Moms get this particular ‘joy’ at least once. You’ll get through it, promise! 🙂

  5. Thank you all for your words of encouragement… I sure do need them! And thanks, K, for the awesome advice. I’m off to the store first thing in the morning! 🙂

  6. Best of luck–I know how miserable the whole mess is.

  7. macbeck

    I need to see a photo of Olivia’s short new do!

  8. Oh, man! I heard a radio call-in program a couple of months ago about The Lice Squad. It looks like it’s Canadian, but maybe there is a US equivalent. (Hopefully, you’ve got the situation all under control now anyway, but just in case……) It’s a pesticide-free thing. My head was itchy just listening to the program.

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