Yesterday was a fun end for us to the 2008 regular season of NFL, watching Carolina and Miami carve themselves a path to the post-season excitement.

First off, let me say congrats to Joy and her Vikings, and best of luck in the playoffs!

Secondly, my son’s Panthers ended up top in their division, as did my husband’s Dolphins.  In fact, Miami did so well compared to last year that they are one of the all time top turn-around teams in NFL history!

My father’s Lions, well.  I guess if you’re going to stink, you may as well do it perfectly!  Really reek up the joint!  And you know, first round draft pick, and all the rest.  I guess if you’re a Lions fan you’ve gotten used to the view from the bottom by now.  And with a record like theirs, you are 100% guaranteed not to do any worse next year!

Similar to my Raiders.  They did win one more game than last year, so perhaps they are on a slow crawl back to a winning season.  Maybe in another decade they’ll actually make it to the playoffs!


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6 responses to “Pigskin-r-ific

  1. Joy

    Hey thanks Elena. I won’t hold out to much hope for us to go to far. I’d be surprised if they win even one game. They do this to us all the time. My boys and husband are thrilled though. The Lions, how sad is that??? I didn’t know your hubby was a Miami fan. At least being in the playoffs gives us at least one more game. Life kind of drains out of us when football is over. It gives us something to look forward to when it’s to cold to be oustide.

  2. I don’t follow the NFL much. We usually hold a superbowl party, but I can never even name the teams who are playing. So, I can’t really comment intelligently on this post.

    Um…go Cowboys???

  3. Joy

    No Kween, Cowboys are out of it. How’s about you say “GO VIKINGS??”

  4. OK, let’s not be knocking the Cowgirls anymore until next year please! 🙂

  5. stacybuckeye

    My husband is also a Lions fan. The only NFL team I halfway follow is the Browns (because we live here) and that is usually equally depressing! It’s nice to see there are some happy people here 🙂

  6. Michigander peeks into this post and quietly slinks away…

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