Top Five: Historical Figures

Okay, you’ve found a genie in a bottle, and instead of three wishes you get five!  

Unfortunately, the only thing you are allowed to wish for is a visit with a person from history (you would also be able to understand each other, no matter if they spoke English or not).

Which five is it going to be?


1. Mark Twain (he just HAD to be an entertaining guy to hang out with – and I’d love to know what he thinks about what’s been happening in the world since he stopped being able to comment on it…)

2. Beryl Markham (famous aviator/ bush pilot in Africa – I’ll bet she has even more great stories than what I read in her autobiography)

3. Leonardo DaVinci (I’d want him to show me around all his inventions and sketches and everything, just hear in person what was going on in his head)

4. Josephine Baker (entertainer and fascinating personality – I’d want her to show me around the castle she owned in France and answer about a million questions I have about her wild life)

5. Jesus – I mean, who could resist the chance to be face to face in our clay vessels.

What about you?


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7 responses to “Top Five: Historical Figures

  1. Joy

    Abraham Lincoln

    Mary Queen of Scots (I would love to hear how she begged for her life and really know why they beheaded her)

    Florance Nightingale

    Princess Diana

    Noah (I’d love to hear how the journey on the ark went)

  2. Edgar Allan Poe
    Dorothy Parker
    Bill Tilden (when I was a kid I played a guy who played him. I also shook the hand of a man who shook the hand of John L. Sullivan but that’s another story)
    Lenny Bruce
    Babe Ruth

  3. John Lennon
    John Bonham
    Elvis Presley
    James Dean
    George Washington

  4. stacybuckeye

    1 & 2 Jesus and Leonardo (yes, I am copying!)
    3. Eleanor Roosevelt (She’s a smart cookie)
    4. Any one of the founding fathers (Did they have any idea what we would become? Would they approve?)
    5. Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart (I really can’t decide right now)

  5. When you say “from history” does that mean they have to be dead?

  6. Joy

    It’s really intriguing to me to see all the different choices people have made.

  7. Joy – I agree!

    Flygirl D- That was my intent… just to try to narrow it down. But since there are people making history as we speak, if you want to list them, go for it!

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