More Facebook Insights…

Every once in a while a few new observations occur to me about this social networking site.

Or maybe the observations are simply about my own life.

For example, you can organize your friends into categories.  I currently have five: people from high school, people from college, friends my husband and I met through his job in the last town we lived in, people I have met in our current town, and family.  

What is most interesting is that these categories do not overlap one iota.  Most likely none of these people will ever meet each other.  It is as though there are completely separate pockets to my life story that are totally unrelated.  There are even more pockets than these five, but I haven’t met up with anyone from the others.

I have discovered friend surfing.  If you aren’t friends with a person, they almost always have their profile set to private so you can’t see any of their information.  BUT you can see their friends!  Thusly, I can surf the friends of a friend, and from there find someone I know, or used to know, and surf their friends, ad nauseum.  It is a strange journey down a bizarre garden path where names and faces from the past bloom amongst the unfamiliar flora.  

When a certain person comes into view, it is as though the memory of them casts a light on a part of me that had been asleep since I last held them in my mind or saw them before me.  I am not completely me without all the people that have shaped my existence.

My final thought of the day is to meditate on the act of “catching up” on the last 20 years with someone who was only ever an acquaintance.  Of course any story we tell, no matter how many facts it relates, is in some way a lie due to all that we decide to leave out.  So which version do I tell to whom?  It is kind of fun to think about, really.  I can highlight a particular chapter of my crazy journey to give a certain impression.  I can turn my face slightly and appear a writer, a housewife, or a clown.

I know it’s a bit of a waste of time, commenting on someone’s status that isn’t even in my immediate vicinity just to make a witty joke or empathize with a human I once knew.  I know it’s a bit extravagant to send them good karma or pass them a drink, poke them, throw snowballs at them, or buy them a fish for their aquarium.  All kind of silly, really.

Yet, it apparently feeds me in some way since I keep going back to see what’s going on with everyone.  And occasionally, it is also food for thought.


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5 responses to “More Facebook Insights…

  1. I’m not that familiar with Facebook or how it works. I have been considering joining though as a way to network my business.

    I like your insights here and how you tie it all into life. Maybe I shouldn’t open a facebook profile–I might spend too much time friend surfing!

  2. Kween – it is quite addictive!

    It is a good way to network, but have you ever tried or heard of LinkedIn? It is geared more towards professional networking (doesn’t have all the goofy applications). I’m not sure what exactly you want from a network, so I don’t know which might be better, or if there is another one altogether better!

  3. And then there’s which is Facebook for reader-geeks like me.

  4. I just got a facebook page because I got an email from a friend saying he set up a page. Not being on there I wondered how I got that info. Turns out, when you set up your page, you can send email to everyone in your address book. I thought that was a little weird. But, I set up a page anyway to see what the deal was.

    Almost immediately I was hit with a bunch of people I know. Very odd how they can do that. And they were right. And, even though I never sent my email list, I knew all of them expect one. So I passed on her.

    Then she hunted me down. Turns out I met her at my house some years ago. And she has the photo of me (clothed) and her (topless in my assistants underwear) to prove it.

    You’d think I’d remember that, huh?

    By the way, I didn’t know they were my assistants underwear. She told me they were and, knowing him, I am not surprised.

  5. stacybuckeye

    I just got on Facebook last month because I got requests from a few friends. I have not taken the time to figure out all I can do with it though. I told my husband when I first signed on that it looks good for nosy people like me! I’ve also taken a look at my friends’ friends 🙂

    It is funny how friend groups do not overlap. I think the same thing every year when I sit down to do my Christmas cards since that’s how I’ve listed them.

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