Top Five: Most Beloved Things About School

Okay, since I’ve been fantasizing lately about creating a school, I thought I’d see what people dug about it, from the most down-to-earth to the most sublime aspects.  (If you completely despised school feel free to change it to “Top Five Most Crappy Things About School.”)

If I ever get the chance to start one up, I don’t want to leave out any of the good stuff!

My Top Five Most Beloved Things About School:

1.  chalk and chalkboards 

2. tetherball

3. the stack of new books at the beginning of the year/quarter (for college)

4. those classes (like lit and history) that often had great, intelligent discussions, sometimes venturing dangerously far into passionate argument

5. being in the crowd at a really intense sporting event


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3 responses to “Top Five: Most Beloved Things About School

  1. Joy

    I just hated school so I don’t know what to say about it that I liked other than getting all those new notebooks and pens and pencils to start the year. I didn’t do well in school and to this day feel like a total failure in that aspect of my life.

  2. Joy, that sounds so sad. 😦 YOu are most definately NOT a failure in any aspect!

    Well I loved school up until my Junior year, so I could do both–but I think I’ll stick with the good stuff.

    1. The first smile from your longtime crush from afar in a hallway on the first day of school. AND seeing that cute guy got taller –and cuter– over the summer. ;0)

    2. Organizing. Organizing school supplies at home, before the first day. Organizing the new backpack, the new desk, the new locker…

    3. Finding out you got the teacher you REALLY wanted.

    4. Getting last hour study hall so all your homework is complete before you go home every day.

    5. Passing notes to friends while thinking you’re so sneaky and clever that no teacher would EVER notice what you’re doing.

  3. 1. That all my friends were in one place reliably every single weekday.

    2. picking out my class crush

    3. completing a really good paper on something I knew nothing about 5 hours earlier.

    4. finding the perfect desk/chair in each class

    5. the squished peanut butter and honey sandwich from the brown paper bag in the bottom of my backpack.

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