Top Five: Things that Ground You

This may seem like a froo-froo dingy top five, but something else I took away from my Thanksgiving trip is a burning desire and steely resolve not to be such a stress-case, not to be so high strung, not to so easily fly off the handle, freak out, make a mountain out of a molehill, lose my cool.  I want to be mellow.  You’d think being from California I’d have a head start but no.  Might be too much to ask, but I’m determined.

To this end, I want to be able to bring to mind some things that ground me and make me feel calm, and if you all will share some of your grounding techniques or mental images, that might give me some more ideas…

My Top Five Things that Ground Me

1. upbeat music (not just upbeat rhythm but also lyrics)

2. Beer (I realize this is a total crutch, but it takes the edge off my fretting mind)

3. Cleaning house

4. Eating comfort food (another crutch)

5. ???

And there you have it.  None of these things come in terribly handy when my son has dumped out yet another bowl of cereal and has stomped it into the carpet and I begin the yell from hell.  Stuff my face, get a buzz going and clean while listening to Bob Marley.  Now you see why I have issues…

Please… your Top Five… STAT!


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12 responses to “Top Five: Things that Ground You

  1. 1. Making a working (and at least semi-thought out) plan.

    2. My tarot deck and the meditation that comes with it.

    3. Kava kava.

    4. Tying up various lose ends. (Cleaning can be classified under this if it’s been left for a while.)

    5. My lover and spending some quality time with him doing practically anything.

    These are in the order I thought of them rather than the order of importance. *grin*

  2. Hey danaofthebells, thanks for playing! I haven’t looked at any of my decks in a long time… probably because it frustrates me even more that I don’t feel like I can get the time or quiet space to spend in meditation, much less reading, writing, translating, or anything else I’d like to have a moment to concentrate on… but a great idea!

  3. stacybuckeye

    1. 25 minutes in the hot tub
    2. wine
    3. getting lost in a book
    4. going to the movies by myself (I don’t do this as often as I’d like)
    5. talking to friends (I hate to talk on the phone, but if I’m stressed 40 minutes on the phone with a long distance friend feels like therapy!)

  4. el burro

    1. tidying up at least one small part of the house, or doing the dishes, or wiping the kitchen counters. I think it’s about a having a bit of order in my life.

    2. walking “the loop” with a friend (it’s a 5k circular path). It’s a two for one. Exercise/fresh air, and connecting.

    3. looking at old photos of the kids….it always brings back memories, and reminds me of how precious they are

    4. reading…..

    5. time alone

  5. Music/Singing
    Sharing with a friend

    You know.. baking really relaxes me.. something about the smell and the warmth…might try that 🙂 Of course I could say going for a nice healthful walk but you’d know Id be lying right?

  6. To repeat a lot of the answers up there:

    1. Cooking
    2. Cleaning
    3. Reading
    4. Talking to friends
    5. Listening to music

    and my backups are singing, playing piano, and trying on clothes

  7. Stacy- I think my stress-case syndrome has a lot to do with my lack of a hot tub! 😀

    el burro- Now that you mention it, I remember when I used to live just off the bike path in Eugene and I could walk along the river, or better yet go sit near the rapids and hear the water talking over the rocks, I could definitely feel my innards relax. Same deal living next to the ocean and being able to walk down to listen to the water pound against the cliff. Where I live now if you dare take a walk you will be attacked by dogs or run over by a car. I miss walking. (I also like your photo idea, but I’d have to have a carefully selected batch for grounding/calming, because some pictures just bring up too many intense emotions.)

    Amber- I should never underestimate the health benefits, mental or otherwise, of a good belly laugh!

    Flygirld- I’ve always wanted to learn the piano, but am currently learning guitar… I am going to have to pay attention and see if that has a grounding effect, especially once I can play a few songs without extreme frustration! 😀

    Thanks my dears for all your ideas.

  8. stacybuckeye

    Elena- My husband bought the hot tub a few years back while I was away on a girls weekend. I thought it was a silly extravagance. Now it really is my best de-stresser!

  9. Joy

    1. My grandchildren. I’m not sure what direction my life would have gone in without them coming along.

    2. Beer. I love beer too. I like to have 3-4 while puttering around in my kitchen at night before bed. I feel so calm and in control of things. I love having this time when I know everyone I love is all warm and cozy in bed and I have “no worries.”

    3. Knitting

    4. Reading

    5. I hate to admit this but I love Guitar Hero. It’s totally relaxing to me and I don’t have to “think” at all.

  10. 1.Cooking
    2.Listening to music which makes me sing to it as well
    3.Taking a bike ride
    4.Playing board games
    5.Drinking Hot Chocolate

  11. Joy- I’m so glad I’m not the only gal who unwinds with a cold one! 😀 And your knitting response made me think how hypnotic it is for me to crochet… I gotta get me some yarn!

    Just a Mom- YES! Bike riding! Me gusta…

  12. Playing piano only grounds me if I can play the notes right, on bad days where I want to play it beautifully and I just can’t seem to, it drives me insane.

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