Top Five: Thanksgiving fixin’s

Since we are fast approaching the biggest food day of the year (well, for some of us, anyway) I thought it would be fun to get the drool going by listing the top five things we are looking forward to…

Mine are:

  1. gravy
  2. pumpkin pie
  3. green beans with onions and bacon
  4. rolls
  5. appetizer plate eaten while watching football!


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5 responses to “Top Five: Thanksgiving fixin’s

  1. sandysays1

    No sweet potato pie? Come on! Good post. You might enjoy, “Thanksgiving from a turkey’s point of view.”
    Visit me @:

  2. 1.Mince Meat pie
    2.creamed onions
    3.stuffing bean casserole

  3. BON BONS! (my mominlaw makes these awesome peanut butter covered in chocolate balls – YUM.)
    corn casserole
    smashed potatoes
    PIE – I don’t care what kind
    (oops – that’s more than 5 – oh well.)

  4. 1. Mashed potatoes (If he truly loves me, dh the chef may leave them slightly chunky with the skins on.)
    2. Gravy
    3. Turkey
    4. Warm apple pie with whipped topping
    5. A second, lukewarm helping of delightfully lumpy mashed potatoes. I don’t even care if there’s any gravy left!

  5. 1. Turkey
    2. Mashed potatoes and gravy
    3. Stuffing
    4. Sweet potatoes with lots of marshmallows
    5. Cranberry jelly

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