“Each instant…”


“Each instant is a place we’ve never been.” — Mark Strand

And here you are with me.

Even though as you read this, I have gone off somewhere else, to another place.  But I was here in this moment of now once, as you are.  I was aware of the letters on the screen, how they were coalescing neatly into words that you recognize, that trigger “Aha!” because we’ve seen them all before.

The familiarity of the words does not prevent them causing an almost imperceptible shiver down the spine at the moment we realize the mysterious dance of human communication.

Each word I write has been used countless times before, worn along the edges so that they slide effortlessly into your mind and fall into the groove of understanding, but you’ve never heard them exactly as I say them to you now.  Each time is the first time that you look at the screen today, at this hour, with the new experience you have acquired since yesterday.

This instant now is another place we’ve never been, many thoughts away from the first sentence, where you took my hand and I yours and we walked a ways.  We ended up here, in this other place, this new instant, looking each other briefly, perhaps affectionately, catching the awareness there inside the eye, before saying farewell, until next time.

May the places you go and the instants you live today feed your soul.


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6 responses to ““Each instant…”

  1. absolutely beautiful… thats a wow.

  2. stacybuckeye

    It was lovely sharing this moment with you.

  3. I just adore the way you write. You have a real gift, m’dear.

    Oh, and now that we’re sharing this moment, would you mind starting another pot of coffee? We’re getting a little low. ;0)

  4. Thanks for coming along on my walk, all… and now, who takes creamer? Sugar?

  5. You have the magical ability to transmit messages into the future. 🙂

    Thank you so much for your visit and your comment on my blog. I’ve subscribed to yours and I look forward to reading more.

  6. No sugar, but pass the creamer, please. 🙂

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