A dollar ninety-seven

Not much news.  Saw gas on sale today.  A dollar ninety-seven.

A dollar ninety-seven!

Was it or was it not twice that much a month ago?

Is there rhyme or reason?  

Not complaining.  

DON’T want to see a news story to help me marvel at the unceasing wonders (nudge nudge, wink wink to RPG).  

Great timing before our Thanksgiving trek.  

I feel a hoard coming on.

Does anyone have a few hundred empty 50-gallon drums they don’t want?  😀


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12 responses to “A dollar ninety-seven

  1. I don’t know where you live. But the price of gas here in Columbia Heights, Minnesota was at $1.799 this morning…

  2. stacybuckeye

    We’re around $2 here in Ohio. It will be nice for Thanksgiving travel. The price makes no sense.

  3. Joy

    lizzygram, my brother lives in Fridley. That’s where I grew up. It was funny to see Columbia Heights on here!!!

    It’s right around $2 here too. I’m near St. Cloud, MN. We really do have a tank in our yard for the tractor and lawn mower. I think it’s time to fill it.

  4. $1.77 at one place. Most others are around $1.90.

  5. Hi Joy…it is Columbia Heights reporting in again this morning…Gas here this morning is $1.72.9. Would you like me to say Hi to your brother for you?? LOL. My brother in law lives in Fridley too.

  6. I am honored that my goofy gas post has resulted in a personal connection! 😀

    And that we have started an unofficial register of the insanity of big oil.

    Gas was $1.89 a couple of days ago here (western North Carolina). (I haven’t left the house since Tuesday).

  7. Elena….something goofy can be nice in this day and age of things……thanks for the post…we all needed something beyond the headaches of todays problems. I don’t get out much either for gas at $1.73 is hard for us to afford these days.


  9. Joy

    I told my brother about you lizzygram. He thought that was pretty bizarre. Small world. It’s $1.69 in Waite Park today too.

  10. No way!!! I saw $1.79 here yesterday and I was blown away. I guess we’re a good couple of paces behind you all!

  11. Elena…checking in with you today…..gas was $1.53.9 here in Columbia Heights this morning.

  12. Thanks for the update, lizzygram! Today we’re at $1.69… just about made my eyeballs bug out of my head! It’s the limbo for sure… “How low can you go…”

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