Monkey pics…


These are photos I took at a really cool park in Eugene, Oregon about 2 1/2 years ago.  It had the neatest rope climbing structure, among other things.  Joy made a nice comment about the bit I used in the header, so I thought I’d torture y’all with the whole series.  (Blame Joy!  😀  )




The first photo was of my son, Garth, about 10 at this time.  The pic above is of Livi, who was round about 4. 



I was trippin’ on the shadows, if ya couldn’t tell.



More proof no thinking person needs that we are somehow related to the chimps.




This is the rest of the Monkey Toes header photo… definitely incomplete without the shadow of her on the ground.




My boy.


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3 responses to “Monkey pics…

  1. oh yes – love the shadows! The shadow DOES look like a monkey.

  2. Joy

    These are just great. I love looking at pics. I’ll gladly take the blame on this one.

  3. stacybuckeye

    These are great! Thanks for sharing. They made me smile 🙂

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