No future for nostalgia?

A couple of years ago I wasn’t in touch with anyone from my past.  Not because I’d burned any bridges, not because there wasn’t anyone dear.  Just lost touch, moved away, got lazy, whatever.

Then when we left Oregon for North Carolina I got on Facebook and found a few people from the recent past.  But in the last few months, and most especially in the last few days, I have found a whole lot of friends and family that I haven’t spoken to in, well, not to make myself sound old, but… decades.

It is blowing my little mind.

Pretty soon everyone will have at their fingertips access to everyone they’ve ever known.  We are all starting to make our way onto the Net, that vast container that begins to encompass all of humanity, and we will be able to see how old or beautiful or successful or pitiful or broken we have all gotten.

And then what is to become of nostalgia?  When it all comes out of the past, all the old photos posted onto profiles, all the stories relived, what will become of memory?  Our entire past and present will exist on pages networked throughout cyberspace.  Instead of making up a perfect image of the good old days, I will simply enter a search and retrieve it from a database.  Instead of telling an embellished story of adventure, carefully amended for the whims of the audience I wish to entertain, the tale will be told on a blog with everyone adding comments.

I’m not complaining!  It is all new and exciting.  I am not afraid because I get to make it up as we go along, same as the next guy.  None of it has ever been done before.  No one has ever lived like this, on such a scale, inside such a network.

Does it blow your mind too?


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3 responses to “No future for nostalgia?

  1. It does indeed; but I look at it with a more wary eye. Given a choice between the two worlds, I think I’d prefer to go back to the way it was. (And that’s saying a lot because I enjoy the internet.) Our world is getting a little too Orwellian for my taste.

  2. I haven’t tried the Facebook or MySpace thing yet. Not sure if I ever will…maybe…maybe not. I do enjoy blogging, but still try to keep us somewhat anonymous. I do sometimes wonder where my old college roomies ended up, but I haven’t wondered enough to try to find them. Maybe that will change some day.

  3. Joy

    I think that both have their good points and bad. When the storytelling and “visiting” only consists on the Internet, then I feel bad. But if you really do know one another and only “share” on Facebook or Myspace “in-between” real life visits, then it’s okay. I see my extended family so it’s fun to play on those other program to share photo’s and day to day things.

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