Class update

The two students who showed up were great, but unfortunately they were also at opposite ends of the language experience spectrum.  So I need to split them into two groups… two groups of one!

My problem is I’m a hard worker, a good idea generator, a good teacher, good at communicating in three languages, but I don’t know the first thing about advertising and I really don’t want to have to learn.

Sometimes I resent the fact that I am supposed to handle so many aspects of a situation instead of being able to focus on something.  

But I guess that’s what happens when you strike out on your own.  If you stay on the beaten path then you have some pre-established means of assistance to take care of some of the more mundane, less interesting aspects, like getting the word out.  But when you begin to forge an alternate route, you spend a lot of time trying to reinvent the wheel.

So far, it is worth it to have the freedom and control to do it my own way.


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5 responses to “Class update

  1. Joy

    I came here today hoping for an update. Thanks for putting it here. Maybe this can be a learning experience for you. You have to give it the old college try. Learning something new is always good. Keep up the good work Elena.

  2. Congratulations on your new students! Think of this as a way to polish your skills before you have the difficult job of handling many more of them. ;o)

    As for advertising, you can make some excellent flyers and such in MS Word or MS Publisher. If you don’t have the Office suite, I’m sure there are templates somewhere online you can use. Or you can always hire me to do it. lol!

    Good luck with this new endeavor–it sounds like a very exciting time for you!

  3. Kelly’s flyer idea is a good one. You could even post the flyers at the place you teach the class to help generate interest. After you’ve taught your current students for awhile you may feel comfortable asking them for a positive testimonial that you can use on future flyers and you could ask them to refer others to you.

  4. Oh, Oh, Oh! I forgot about Paint. You probably have that program on your computer already. (Start-All Programs-Accessories-Paint) It’s a little clunkier to use, but with practice you could definately make flyers with it. 😀

  5. You are all so sweet to give me ideas. Thank you! I do have flyers up around town, they may not be the best, but I did buy brightly colored paper to catch people’s eye!

    If you think of anything else, my suggestion box is always open! 🙂

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