It never ceases to amaze me that at such a young age, we are aware that people are looking at us and that they think we are awesome.

Eventually it starts to mess with us, because when we go out into the world, we can’t be sure that people think we’re all that great.  Maybe we start to feel painfully self-conscious, maybe we are just making an extra effort to blend into the wallpaper, or maybe we get off on the attention.

But that pure joy of a little kid who knows he is surrounded by people who love him, who gets that smug little grin because he knows everyone thinks he is too cute… that feels so good.  Makes me feel like all is right with the world.


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3 responses to “Self-awareness

  1. Don’t you wish you could bottle that feeling right there? Save it for one of those crushing days full of self doubt? If you figure out how, let me know.

    That little guy is toooo cute. I miss my babies being babies. (sigh)

  2. stacybuckeye

    Adorable! I loved your post. Oh, to be a kid again surrounded by people you love and who love you back and let you get away with anything cuz you’re cute 🙂

  3. Ooohhh, to retain a bit of that self confidence in a world full of self doubt…self doubt so string that it prompts us to act like assholes and morons much of the time…attempting to disprove that self doubt!

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