We found Dixie.  Here she is with some of the people she will be ferrying.  

In a way it feels like I am moving in the opposite direction as the rest of the world.  I was a carless cyclist back before anyone gave a serious thought to global warming.  Then the public concern began, and I was part of a one car family.  Now the hysteria is mounting, and we’ve acquired a second vehicle.  Livin’ outside the box, baby!

Not that one can really live outside the environment.  We are all responsible for our Mother Earth, we are all responsible for the tools/toys we choose to use and how we may abuse them.

But I can’t help but feel that I can take better care of my family this way, given our situation.  Maybe in taking care of them I am taking care of the world in the most direct way possible.  This is the hope.


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2 responses to “Dixie

  1. I don’t think having a second car is such a bad thing. As families grow the schedules get more involved. I don’t know how our family would survive without our two cars, there are just so many of us going in different directions.

    Dixie looks awesome!

  2. “Livin outside the box, baby!” ROTFLMAO!!

    You are going to LOVE Dixie! We have Vanessa the Van and she’s wonderful. She doesn’t leave the driveway without a plan (consolidate errands–you’re still helping Mother Earth) but she holds both kids, their friends (hey–2 other sets of parents don’t have to drive!) and all their stuff.

    Minivans ROCK! 😀

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