Instead of believing that publication is the prerequisite of success, I now consider the act of submitting my work for publication as the indicator of accomplishment.  And I find that I have succeeded yet again!  🙂

Thanks to the inspiration of Kweenmama, Joy and Kimmelin, I have finally composed and sent out the manuscript for a children’s book that has sat unwritten in the back of my mind for twelve years now.

It occurs to me that, to get a piece of work in the mail, one has to believe that it is good enough to see the light of day.  But at the same time, believing in the merit of the work leads to difficulty in accepting its rejection by those who hold the keys to the presses.  I personally find this push and pull to be quite painful.  But if I play a trick on my mind, and tell it that the point is not to see the work in print, but simply to be bold enough to send it on a tour of the world, then maybe I can feel successful with the mere act of submission.

I would say I am keeping my fingers crossed, but that is energy best used on other things.  I have already done all there is to do: I have crafted the story to the best of my ability, I have researched the market, and I have mustered the gumption to seal the envelope and put it in the mailbox.

Now I can relax, take a breath, and decide on the next project.

To publish or not, that’s their problem now!


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7 responses to “Success

  1. Hey, I found this on the writing link and thought I’d take a look. I totally agree (with the huge disclaimer that I have a serious dream of actually being published). Submitting can be so painful. You’ve crafted something to the best of your ability, you love it, and then you have to send it to people who may tell you they hate it. Hard to do. I’ve compared it to giving your newborn baby to someone and having them tell you he/she is ugly!!! Anyway, good luck. I’m planning on submitting my novel this fall.

  2. Joy

    Oh, YAY for you. I’m so happy. I think you should keep your fingers crossed. You have nothing to lose by doing that. I’m a little superstitious. Good luck to you. You did the best you could, you put on that stamp and put it in the mail. I’m so proud of you.

  3. Shari- Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I completely agree with your baby analogy… writing is something one creates and is proud of and fond of, and it is so hard to see it go unappreciated, or worse, disparaged!

    Joy- Thanks, as always, for your encouragement! (I secretly DO have my fingers crossed, but I am trying to act cool and pretend I don’t! 😉 )

  4. Joy

    LOL Elena!!…I have my fingers crossed for you too.

  5. Congratulations! You’ve accomplished the most difficult part because the rest is out of your hands. All you can do now is wait until the right persons hands get on it. Good luck!

  6. That is so cool! Congrats on taking the step! I am still grumbling that my vampirate story got stolen right out of my brain. Sigh.

    I did just recently send a children’s story to a writing contest. I think they announce the winners in September. We shall see…

  7. Thanks, boundandgags!

    Kweenmama- it was precisely your vampirate story that helped me get my butt in gear! Good luck on the contest… hope to hear good news from you soon on that!

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