First Anniversary

As I reflect on passing the one year blogging mark, I am humbled and grateful for the experience.

A year ago my husband’s best friend was visiting us from Wales. He showed me the blog he had just started ( Movie Waffle  — A more witty and intelligent film review site could never be found!) and the idea of having an outlet for my thoughts was irresistible.  I had to be a copycat right then and there.

At first, seeing my words “in print” online was just as excruciating as it ever had been to see them genuinely in print. I remember the first time I got an essay published in the local newspaper, I stayed up all night wondering what stupid thing I’d said that the whole town would laugh at (and not in a good way) over their morning coffee.  My heart was racing when I heard the paper hit the front door, and my eyes could hardly focus as I scanned over my article.  Other than the stupid title they had given it, there was nothing particularly ridiculous about it.  Nothing to lose a minute’s sleep over.

Nobody read any of my first blogs.  Literally.  Not a soul.  That’s the great thing about WordPress: you can see precisely how few readers you have.  You can watch that hit line drag along the bottom of the graph, trawling for discouragement.  

But after a while, maybe it’s the sheer consistency of its horizontal straightness, you start to feel comforted by the fact that you can say anything you want and no one is there to judge.  You start to loosen up, speak your mind, send your internal editor off to play on Myspace and just sit with your authentic self and her thoughts and emotions.  You keep writing, now not with a desperate longing to be read but just to craft what it is you really want to say, even if no one is there to hear it.  (Yes, a tree falling in the forest really does make a sound!)

Then, after months of cruising and commenting on blogs, you find you have commented on the blogs of some writers who actually come to check out your blog.  You find that you enjoy the companionship, that you derive just as much satisfaction from reading and commenting on their posts as you get from seeing your own blog read, something that might not have happened at the beginning when your blog was new and you were so focused on developing it.  As happens in so many aspects of life, you find that once you have let go of what you so desperately wanted, in this case a community of intelligent and entertaining folks, then it comes to you in its own time.  Perhaps it has to be earned, by hanging in there and not giving up.

Or so I like to think.  I don’t know how representative my experience is of the majority of bloggers, maybe there are those who are highly popular immediately, and contrary-wise, those who never find an audience.  But this year has been such a great learning experience for me as a writer and I am really enjoying this new phase of interacting with some wonderful bloggers.  I hope they are getting as much out of my blog as I am from theirs: this is my new goal for year two.

And my Year Two wish to myself and my fellow bloggers (forgive me on this sentimental occasion one appalling cutesification): May the words be with you!



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6 responses to “First Anniversary

  1. stacybuckeye

    Thanks for sharing your early blogging experience. I started mine in January and that first week I had 16 hits, which I’m sure were from my mom and husband. I totally agree with you about the comments 🙂 I’ll take a look around and add to your hits.

  2. Joy

    I’m new to blogging but I just love it. I think my blog has done well but I write it with 4 other people and we wanted to “converse” with others. Not just to write. I had been a big part of a “commercial” blog that turned into a lot of “celeb” type stuff so I ventured out on my own but kept that theme of asking questions and talking about everyday things and with 4 of us, we all have different things to write about. I do spend the amount of time on it as I would a full time job. I ventured out and sought out people like myself, with the same tags and just jumped in and started leaving comments and I feel, I have done well but now I feel like we are all a part of a family of some kind.

    I love your blog and love what you write so good job, welcome to my family and happy anniversary.

  3. Thanks Stacy! I took a quick peek at your blog and it looks like a great place for anyone interested in books. I’ll definitely be back.

    Joy, you are so supportive and it means a lot to me. Thanks for all of your thoughtful comments. It’s great to be a part of your blog family!

  4. I know exactly how you feel! I’ve only been blogging since February but I have loved every minute of it. The people I have “met” have enriched my time on the computer.

    Congrats on the one year anniversary!

  5. Elena,
    Congratulations on this benchmark! From what I can tell, still within my first blog year myself, your experience has been none other than typical. I too remember watching that blue line troll along the bottom of the hits chart–a stark reminder of being audience-less. But good writing finds readers, as has your blog, and once that connection happens, there’s no turning back!

    So, nice work on achieving your first blogging anniversary and keep those words a flowin’!

  6. Kween and Kimmelin- thanks for your kind remarks. I am really enjoying your cyber-companionship!

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