Starting to Sweat the Summer

Well, I made it until yesterday.

I try not to whine about the heat… try and try… for as long as I can.

Yesterday, standing over the stove feeling stickier than the muffin batter, greasier than the oil heating in the frying pan, and hotter than the pre-heating oven, I had an involuntary longing for my long-sleeved flannel shirts.  It doesn’t help that my mother-in-law, through whose faithful yardsaling I am periodically supplied with a new wardrobe, has recently sent me some seriously snuggly new plaids.  

Now, like an alcoholic in a dry county, I am pining pathetically for what I cannot have:

  • a chilly bite in the air that clears my mental vision (I often feel I cannot think in the hellish haze of summer’s heat)
  • the welcome early darkness that justifies my homebody tendencies  
  • the opportunity to snuggle with a family member without an accompanying shout of, “Bleh!  Get off me!  It’s too hot already!”
  • the ability to ride around in our no-A/C car without being able to hear the important bits in my cranium sizzle (“This is your brain in an old sunbaked Ford Escort!”)
  • a craving for stew and biscuits, hot cocoa and all those other cold weather treats
  • and most of all, the chance to put on those soft comfy flannels and denims that right now are kryptonite.  

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get out there this morning and do the yardwork before the grass melts.


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2 responses to “Starting to Sweat the Summer

  1. We’re opposites. I would much rather be hot than freezing. Our last winter was longer than usual and it really took its toll on me. I’m loving this summer, even though I have to sit in my hot car and do my crossing guard duties at a year-round school, I am not complaining. You’ll hear me complain in January.

  2. Joy

    I can so relate with you Elena. I hate the heat and hate the humidity. I live in Minnesota and our winters are awful but I love them. I love soups and stews and chili’s.

    My grandparents were farmers but I think most people did this “back in the day.” They had what was called “summer kitchens” and they were little “kitchens” in the back yard where they cooked meals and did canning as to not heat up the house. All of my relatives had them and they were so neat. Not many of them use them anymore now with a/c but I often wish I had one even with the a/c.

    Good luck and keep a cool head!!!

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