Journey through time

It’s the way we move through time.

It’s the way our selfsoul is there, right from the beginning, looking out at the world.

Sometimes there is a certain picture of a child, and you know that when they are grown, you will see the same expression on their face, the same words in their eyes, and that’s how you will know beyond any doubt that it’s the same person.

We move through time and space, we grow and develop, but there is always the core “me,” the character interacting on the world stage.

Perhaps my favorite part of parenting is the privilege of being a part of the journey of another human, and all they teach me as I travel along my own path.


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  1. Joy

    Thank you for coming to my blog and I’ll be sure to check yours out as well. I’ve found parenting to be a really enjoyable journey. Once that ends and grandparenting starts, that’s really when the fun begins because you can spoil rotten and still sleep in in the morning because they go home.

    Cheers to you.

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