Your Reputation on RapLeaf

Have you heard of “Rapleaf”? It is an online site dedicated to rating people’s reputations so that others will know if they should do business with them or not. If you have had any activity on the internet, like a Facebook or Myspace account, or perhaps you have bought something on Amazon, you will probably find your reputation rated on Rapleaf.

They claim that they exist to promote a society “where it is more profitable to be ethical.”  Presumably we have given up on the idea that we could just get to know people before we trust them. The naive, outdated plan of being recommended by a real person in realtime, or dealing with a network of friends, is just too impractical in this day and age. Luckily, we can just look people up on Rapleaf and we’ll know the good guys from the bad guys!

They have a listing of three of the sites I am on, Myspace, Facebook, and Amazon, but they do not have me as signed up with LinkedIn, Bebo, or, can you believe it, WordPress!!! All this writing and no credit for it! How sad.

So when I first realized they were rating me, I was ranked as a five. Goof around a little, add another email address, now I’m a 10 (as of three minutes ago.) But out of what? I mean, on the beach, a ten is the hottest of the hotties, a rating I could never hope to achieve. So, rock on.

Well, unable to find info to answer the question “10 out of what,” I decide to click on the names of the “Team” over on the right hand side of the screen. Find a guy who’s a 95. Hmmm. Keep clicking, end up on someone whose reputation rates a 4194. Okay, please. So I’m a 10 out of a million? That is so awesome.

What is your reputation in cyberspace? Who is going to search for you on Rapleaf and see that you are a 4 and think you suck? Just thought you’d like to keep tabs on who might be dragging your name through the mud here in cyberspace.

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