The Ducks Love Dixon

We lost Dennis Dixon at the beginning of the game last night. The poor guy’s knee just couldn’t take his amazing moves. The emotion on his face as the camera spied on his private hell tempered any disappointment I was feeling. Poor me, watching my number two ranked alma mater lose to a team we could have crushed despite their insistence on their ability to bring about a “November upset”, when here is this guy in physical and emotional pain, desperate to be in there doing his thing, crushed to be letting down his team and all who love them, and watching his hopes of a Heisman trophy go down the crapper. Who the hell am I to feel sorry for myself.

But man, those first few minutes of the game… that guy is incredible. It looked like we were going to blow Arizona’s doors off. The way he moves, fakes, runs, throws. I think more than having to watch a loss, I was more disappointed about having to watch a game without Dixon in it, just because he is so much fun to watch.

I hope he doesn’t give another thought to the loss or to anyone’s disappointment. You’ve won our hearts, number 10, and we just want you to be okay, for your own sake, that your knee will last you to a ripe old age, so you can throw around the pigskin with your kids.

We know you always give us everything you’ve got, and we’ve loved every minute. Time to save a little something for yourself.

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