Internet Community, or Just a New Way to Play With Yourself?

What does it mean when the people you interact with most on Facebook are the people you live with?

I like that I am connected to people in my past. And by past, I mean just the last couple of years. We recently moved across the continent, and all those folks I got to know are now my “friends” on Facebook and Myspace. Whereas in my distant past those kinds of contacts would just have been lost, because no one calls or writes real letters, now I can say hey once in a while. Cute.

Gives me a way to minimize the trauma of moving to a new place, a town we aren’t going to stay in long term so there’s no point in trying to make new friends. But other than soothing my lonely ego, why bother?

This blog is serving its purpose for me, in that it encourages me to write, gives me a place to feel like I’m being “heard,” even if no one is listening. With this legitimate goal in mind I have to say that my blog has been an astounding success.

But there is a little part of me that hoped there would be some social interaction. The only comment I’ve gotten has been a link to someone’s website trying to sell hypnosis or some such, and I’m so pathetically desperate for any comment at all that I’ve left it.

I thought maybe if I came at it from the other side, by going and commenting on other people’s sites, that I would make some kind of link that way. I finally found a blog by a brilliant and funny woman who writes on a variety of topics with such intelligence and wit… I left a couple of comments I hoped were approaching her level, included some things I like to think were worth responding to. Nothing. And she doesn’t get tons of comments, it’s not like I’m this tiny voice amid a throng of adorers, it’s pretty much just me. So either my jocular banter is beneath notice, or she isn’t into interaction.

Thusly, based on my scientific study of the representative sampling of myself, the various “social” sites available for use on the internet fulfill the sole purpose of both stimulating and relieving various mental conditions within my own selfsoul, as long as these conditions do not require the attention or participation of other people, you know, the “social” part. But I am grateful. Any assistance I can get in controlling the neurotic functions of my brain is very welcome.

Oh, but on the plus side, even though the people you never see in person aren’t going to interact, these sites are a great way to play with your housemates, sending them pretend diamonds, throwing sheep at them, jedi mind-tricking them, you know, things you can’t do in real life while you’re sitting next to each other on the couch.

The wonders of cyberspace.

(p.s. To leave a comment in response to this post would not count, in the same way that having a partner declare their love for you after you begged pathetically does not count either. FYI)

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