This is the opening bit, the preface that some might skip, in which I state my intentions.

The title explains it all.

“The world” — since I enjoy being eclectic, I cannot settle my mind to one subject but prefer to look at as much of life as I can find. I want to explore books, movies, news, and observations from my own life, see if there is a bigger picture once I have it all compiled. Taoists say that you can learn about the whole world just looking out your own window, but I find that at times, I need to change my angle, have a different frame of reference besides the same rectangle of wood holding the pane, venture out to see what’s happening.

“According” — brings to my mind an “accord,” an agreement, which is all words are anyway. Ultimately we all understand and imagine whatever we want, but in communication we (usually) attempt to agree on the gist of the thing, to reach an accord via the symbols we speak, write, or heave threateningly at each other. I do not want to have the last word, I do not want someone to agree with me based solely on my perspective or opinion, I only want to serve up some soulfood for thought, because we all get along better with a full belly. It is up to you to digest it as you see fit.

“e.” Just me. Simple, kind of a silly sound, like a quick noise someone makes when they are startled by a particularly freaky critter. They take a step back, have another look, realize it is just a salamander, crawling out from under its tree root to go visiting.

Will I make you a cuppa?

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